Welcome to Iamdroberts blog site.  This is the place to be if you enjoy trivia, talking about the good ol’ days, and getting some sound advice from someone who has been around the track a few times.  This is not a theme site and I won’t be posting the same topic day in and day out, but I warn you now, I am a “died in the wool” Outlander fan.  I am inspired by the writings of Diana Gabaldon, and am entirely enthralled by the current process of casting, writing and filming the Starz Outlander series due out in Spring of 2014.  I have a Pinterest page with all things Outlander (drobertsjhs).  As a matter of fact that is one topic that will probably be updated on a regular basis.  Not only because I love, love, love the <cough> very  talented, Sam Heughan and the bre’aghe Caitriona Balfe but I melt over a hot man in a kilt who talks with a Scottish brogue!

I suppose you would like to know a bit about me.  I write prose and poetry, have taught English, History and Special Education for several years, and generally gripe and complain to my son and daughter-in-law about politics and child rearing.  I only do this because, at my age, I can (not going to give away my exact age, but lets just say for shniggles and grins that I am well over 21). Pre-teens and teenagers are my most favorite people in the whole world.  I remember what it was like, many moons ago, and it’s a tough time for most. That hasn’t changed.  I would love to spend time painting but I don’t have any time left in the day.  I still have to work as I haven’t found that long looked for answer of how to quit and pay bills.  I have a “crazy wish list” which we will discuss at a later date and I like tall, well-built, good-looking men and well-bred horses (not necessarily in that order).  I don’t necessarily want to keep either one, but I like to look.  I ain’t dead, yet!  So come along for the ride, if you think you can handle it.  Welcome aboard!

*bre’aghe means beautiful or lovely in Gaelic

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